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Phelsuma 10 (2002)

Contents (papers and notes only)

  • Editorial & Chairman's Report - download
  • Habitat use by a population of the Seychelles kestrel (Falco araea).  J. Gerlach - download
  • Roseate terns on Aride Island: the contribution of 19 years of monitoring to the conservation of an endangered species.  J.A. Ramos - download
  • Investigations into the occurrence of a previously unrecorded ghost crab (Ocypode ryderi) in the Seychelles region.  P. De Bryn - download
  • Habitat use by the Seychelles fineliner damselfly (Teniobasis alluaudi) on Silhouette island, Seychelles.  D. Hardin & J. Thompson - download
  • Reptile mark-recapture trial using rainforest plots at Montagne d'Ambre, Madagascar.  C.J. Raxworthy & R.A. Nussbaum - download
  • Survey of the non-marine molluscs of Mayotte.  O. Griffiths - download
  • A note on synchronous flowering of Hypoxidia rhizophylla (Baker, 1874).  R. Gerlach - download
  • Attempted stick-insect predation by a wasp.  D. Harding & J. Thompson - download
  • Corals of Silhouette island, Seychelles.  O. Gerlach & J. Gerlach - download
  • Osteological finds on Trois Mamelles mountain extends the known ecological range of the extinct endemic Mauritian tortoises Cylindraspis sp.  F.B.V. Florens - download
  • First results of radio-tracking black mud turtles Pelusios subniger parietalis.  J. Gerlach - download
  • A new alien pond weed (Elodea canadensis) in Seychelles.  J. Gerlach - download

    Volume 10 (Supplement A)

    Volume 10 (Supplement B)