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Phelsuma 12 (2004)

Contents (papers and notes only)

  • Editorial & Chairman's Report - download
  • Coleura seychellensis: monitoring.  G.  Rocamora & F. Joubert - download
  • Investigation into the ecology of the Seychelles sheath-tailed bat.  F. Joubert - download
  • A behavioural study of the Silhouette sheath-tailed bat.  H. Burgess & N. Lee download
  • The bats of Silhouette island, Seychelles.  J. Gerlach - download
  • A study of the bat-fruit syndrome on Mauritius, Indian Ocean.  F. Nyhagen - download
  • The bats of Aldabra atoll, Seychelles.  A. Hutson - download
  • A summary of recent bat records from Aldabra atoll.  R. von Brandis - download
  • Application of genetic research to fruit bat conservation.  J. O'Brien & Hayden - download
  • Bats as bushmeat: a survey by Fauna & Flora International.  K. Waylen - download
  • Marine molluscs of Silhouette island.  G. Gerlach & R. Gerlach - download
  • Preliminary vertebrate palaeontological survey of Seychelles.  J. Pender Hume - download
  • Phelsuma on the Ampasindava peninsula, Madagascar.  E. Van Heygen - download
  • A new species of Phelsuma from the Ampasindava peninsula, Madagascar.   Lerner - download
  • Establishment of the crested tree lizard Calotes versicolor in Seychelles.  P. Matyot - download
  • Diet of anthropophilic Seychelles tree frogs.  J. Gerlach & G. Rocamora - download
  • Ecology of a Borbo gemella (Lepidoptera) metapopulation.  J. Lawrence - download
  • A possible high-altitude roost of Seychelles sheath-tailed bats Coleura seychellensis. N. Ball - download
  • A record of Phelsuma astriata astriata on Praslin Island.  G. Van Heygen - download
  • Remarks on the Phelsuma barbouri and Phelsuma klemmeri phenetic groups, Phelsuma Gray, 1825.  E. Van Heygen - download