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Phelsuma 8 (2000)

Contents (papers and notes only)

  • Editorial & Chairman's Report - download
  • Fregate Island Invertebrate Programme at the Zoological Society of London. A. Ferguson - download
  • Genetic fingerprinting of two endemics from the Seychelles - Medusagyne oppositifolia (Medusagynaceae) and Rothmannia annae (Rubiaceae).  M. Fay, R.S. Cowan, F. Beltran & B. Allen - download
  • Conservation status and management of Wright's gardenia Rothmannia annae.  Aride Island Research Group - download
  • The feeding ecology of greater frigatebirds Fregata minor and lesser firgatebirds F. ariel on Aride island.  D. Birch - download
  • Kleptoparasitic theritiid spiders of the granitic Seychelles (Araneae, Theridiidae).  M.I. Saaristo - download
  • Trilepisium in Seychelles (Moraceae).  J. Gerlach - download
  • Protozoa in biogeocenoses of some Seychelles Islands: soil shell amoebae.  G.A. Korganova - download
  • A note on the butterflies of Cousine Island, Seychelles.  O. Bourquin, J. Lawrence & P.M. Hitchins - download
  • On the first captive breeding of the Seychelles black mud turtle Pelusios subniger parietalis.  J. Gerlach - download
  • Toxicity of 'specific' rodenticides and the risk to non-target taxa.  J. Gerlach & V. Florens - download
  • Note on the flower scarab Oxycetonia versicolor (Fabricius, 1775) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in the Seychelles.  P. Matot - download
  • The rediscovery of the Seychelles hummingbird hawkmoth Macroglossum alluaudi Joannis, 1893 (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae).  J. Gerlach - download