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Phelsuma 9 (2001)

Contents (papers and notes only)

  • Editorial & Chairman's Report - download
  • Pholcid spiders of the granitic Seychelles (Araneae, Pholcidae).  M.I. Saaristo - download
  • The ecology of North island.  J. Gerlach, J. Willi & R. Gerlach - download
  • The distribution of the yellow bittern Ixobrychus sinensis in Seychelles.  J. Gerlach & A. Skerrett - download
  • Orchid surveys in anthropised forests of Madagascar.  Razafy Fara Lala - download
  • 'Extinct' species rediscovered in Mauritius.  V. Florens, D. Florens & J.C. Sevathian - download
  • Seychelles fineliner damselfly not extinct after all.  M.J. Samways - download
  • New Odonata records from Seychelles 1998-2000.  J. Bowler - download
  • IUCN Southern African Invertebrates Specialist Group.  M.J. Samways - download
  • Preliminary list of the marine shells (Mollusca: Gastropoda, Bivalvia) of Cousine Island, Seychelles.  J.M. Lawrence & D.G. Steyn - download
  • Reproduction in the Seychelles chameleon.  J. Gerlach & R. Gerlach - download
  • An investigation of the invertebrate fauna of the Aride Peponium sp.  L. Cadbury - download
  • Euso - a new name for Eusora Saaristo, 1998 (Araneae: Ochyroceratidae).  M.I. Saaristo - download
  • A record of Entada rheedi Sprengel from Seychelles.  R. Gerlach & C. Morel - download
  • The mayflies of Seychelles: morphology, distribution and ecology.  J. Gerlach - download
  • Notes on the diet of sooglossid frogs.  J. Gerlach - download
  • New records for some vertebrates in Seychelles.  P. Matyot - download
  • A first Seychelles record of the ghost-pipefish Solenostomus cyanopterus.  J. Gerlach - download
  • Edentulina moreleti, the first herbivorous streptaxid (Gastropoda).  J. Gerlach - download

    Volume 9 (Supplement A)

    Volume 9 (Supplement B)