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I supervise students at several Cambridge colleges in the courses below (for more detail see the Peterhouse Biology page):

1A courses

Evolution and Behaviour

A wide ranging course going from evolutionary theory and the origins of life to the evolution of different plant and animal groups and human origins, also with some animal behaviour tacked on. This is a very popular course and provides an excellent basis to understanding biology. As such it really ought to be studied by any Cambridge undergraduate with a biological interest. This course formed the basis of my book "Darwin's Inextricable Web".

Physiology of Organisms

A comparative analysis of the physiology of animals, plants, fungi and micro-organisms, providing a good foundation to second year options. A remarkably detailed and challenging course. Biology students almost always take either Evolution and Behaviour or Physiology of Organisms, very rarely both despite this being an extremely useful combination.

1B courses

Animal Biology

The obvious second year complement to Evolution and Behaviour. This covers behavioural ecology, some neurobiology, insect biology, vertebrate evolution and evolutionary theory. It provides a good insight into these rather disparate topics.


Ecology is such an enormous discipline it is inevitable that any ecology course will end up skimming over some areas. The Cambridge course gives good grounding in many aspects and does better than most ecology courses. It covers much of what would be expected: basic climatology, nutrient cycling, plant communities, species interactions, population dynamics and conservation.