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NEWS (February 2011)

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Sudden eviciton of NPTS
In December 2010 the management of Silhouette (the Islands Development Company) told NPTS to leave the island by the end of the month. Our attempts to persuade the management to halt this eviciton and lobbying of the government by our international supporters failed to achive anything other than a delay. NPTS now has to leave the island by the end of March. Our conservation projects will cease and will not be replaced. As a result the Silhouette National Park will be a 'paper-park' only. A history of conservation on Silhouette island can be found in Phelsuma voulme 19.
National Park
The Silhouette National Park was declated on 7th August 2010. A planning application to build a road across the island was rejected in early 2009



The Silhouette population recovered to at least 40 bats in 2010 and a new colony was formed. The conservation work on this species has now ceased with the eviciton of NPTS from Silhouette.
Report on Seychelles sheath-tailed bat conservation & research report: 2010 bat report
Population recovery starts for the Seychelles sheath-tailed bat with record populations reached (December 2008 and again in December 2009)
Seychelles sheath-tailed bat ranked number 25 in the Zoological Society of London's Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered mammals (2007)


The tortoises are having to be removed from Silhouette due to the eviciton of NPTS from the island.
Latest Tortoise News (2011) and information on keeping the giant tortoises
Tortoises released on Silhouette island - their release in 2006 and recent photographs (2006)
Continued successes of the captive breeding programme following from the first hatchling in 2002


Terrapins released on Silhouette in 2009 sighted again in August 2010. Terrapins now regularly seen on the island.
First Seychelles terrapin hatchlings (2002-3)


Birdwatch ceases publication due to the eviciton of NPTS from Silhouette island.
Phelsuma becomes a fully open access on-line journal - all issues can be downloaded here: Phelsuma
New Seychelles fauna monographs published (2006-10).Top


Report on NPTS research and conservation projects: NPTS 2009 scientific report
Report on Seychelles sheath-tailed bat (Coleura seychellensis) conservation & research report: 2010 bat report


Climate change effects on soologssid frogs evaluated (report in preparation)
Status of sooglossid frogs reviewed and published in Froglog, the newsletter of the Amphibian Specialist Group