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NPTS publications

Seychelles Red Data Book 1997

The NPTS published the first Seychelles Red Data Book in 1997.  


'Birdwatch', the NPTS's quarterly publication, covered news of birds in thearea and includes reports from most of the reserves in the islands. Birdwatch ceased publication in 2011 after 19 years and was replaced by 'Seychelles Wildlife News'.

Seychelles Wildlife News

Seychelles Wildlife News is a new quarterly NPTS publication; a successor to Birdwatch but with a more general emphasis on all aspects of wildlife on the islands. Seychelles Wildlife News carries news from those islands where interesting conservation programmes are taking place. Recent biodiversity research papers are summarised in plain words and articles on species, habitats and climate are included. A final section presents wildlife observations, related notes and details of new natural history publications.

Subscription - 25/year

NPTS scientific journal - Phelsuma

"Phelsuma" publishes articles and notes on all aspects of the biology, geology and conservation of the western Indian Ocean. The geographical coverage includes the islands and ocean in the area roughly bordered by the Chagos archipelago to the east and the African coast to the west. "Phelsuma" is published annually by Nature Protection Trust of Seychelles. Since 2010 it has been published as an open-access on-line journal. All content can be accessed here: Phelsuma issues.

Instructions to authors

Manuscripts for Phelsuma should be sent by e-mail to the Editor

Manuscripts for papers (normally 2000-5000 words) or notes (<2000words) should preferably be submitted in English, although French articleswill also be considered.  Manuscripts should be submitted electronically. 

Abstracts (<200 words) - describing the purposes of the paper,its main findings and conclusions.  Not required for notes.

Keywords - up to five keywords, preferably excluding words used inthe title.  Not required for notes.

Taxonomic and nomenclatural conventions - Latin names should be givenfor all taxa on first mention.  First mention should include the authorityand, for animals, the date of publication.  Common names are used inlower case.

References - these should be cited in text as Author (2000) or (Author2000), without the use of a comma.  For three or more authors the firstauthor's surname should be followed by et al.  Multiple referencesshould be ordered chronologically.  The reference list should be orderedalphabetically with full title citations and abbreviated journal titles. for notes, titles should not be included.

Figures and maps - should be clear black and white or greyscale.  Submission of an image suitable for a cover illustration is welcomed. Figure format should be at least 300dpi and 15cm wide.

Authors are invited to discuss preparation and submission with the editor