Seychelles giant tortoise reintroduction

The plan for the conservation project was to re-establish the Seychelles giant tortoises in the wild. By 2006 we had produced as many babies of the Arnold's tortoises (Aldabrachelys gigantea arnoldi) as we could cope with. In that year we released the adults from the breeding programme at Grande Barbe on Silhouette island. The report of the release can be dowloaded. These tortoises were visited regularly and the health and impacts on the habitat are monitored until NPTS was evicted from Silhouette island.

The juveniles were released on Cousine, North and Fregate islands in 2011 - see link.

A survey in 2010 found that these tortoises were having a significant effect on the vegetation, restoring the areas where they feed into natural palm woodland. Woodland areas in 2006 dominated by coconuts (left) and in 2010 with regowth of endemic palms in the foreground (right)

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