Seychelles sheath-tailed bat Coleura seychellensis evolution

The Seychelles sheath-tailed bat belongs to the genus Coleura which is restricted to Africa, Arabia, Madagascar and Seychelles. Three species have been described:

African sheath-tailed batSeychelles sheath-tailed batMadagascar sheath-tailed bat
Coleura afraColeura seychellensisColeura kirbomalandy
African sheath-tailed batColeura seychellensisMadagascar sheath-tailed bat

The most widespread of these is the African sheath-tailed bat (Africa and Arabia) and it appears that this spread eastward into the Indian Ocean. It spread topMadagascar and bats from Madagascar later colonised Seychelles, giving rise to the two island species. Distribution of Coleura

Desrcription of the new species from Madagascar and more detail on their evolution:


Seychelles biodiversity

Phelsuma journal


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