Famous Tortoises


1. Introduction

2. Gilbert White and Timothy

3. Timothy of Powderham Castle

4. Tommy - drowned, buried and still alive

5. Ali Pasha - war veteran and honorary dog

6. Tui Malilia - Captain Cook and the Queen of Tonga

7. Darwin and Harriet

8. Lonesome George

9. Onan

10. Rotumah

11. Napoleon and the giant of St. Helena

12. The Colombo tortoise

13. Survivors from extinction

14. Marion's tortoise - the oldest definite record, and some others

15. The largest tortoise? - contenders for the record

16. The racing tortoise

17. A small footnote in history

Cost 15


New Species

Partula snails


Biodiversity assessments

Giant tortoises


Invertebrate Red Listing


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