Seychelles fauna monographs

The need to review the biogeography of the Seychelles islands through systematic collecting of all taxonomic groups has been addressed by the Indian Ocean Biodiversity Assessment 2000-2005.  The identifications and taxonomic revisions resulting from this assessment are being compiled into a form that can be easily utilised by future workers in the region, conservationists and researchers in Seychelles and visitors to the islands. This high quality biodiversity information is essential for future sustainable coastal resource management.

The monographs are available here:

Lepidoptera - J. Gerlach & P. Matyot 2006

GBP 20

Mollusca - J. Gerlach 2006

Vertebrates - editor J. Gerlach 2007

GBP 20

Orthopteroidea - J. Gerlach & F. Haas 2008

Diptera - editor J. Gerlach 2008

Coleoptera - editor J. Gerlach 2009

Arachnida and Myriapoda - editors J. Gerlach & Y. Marusik 2010

Crustacea and minor phyla - editor J. Gerlach 2011

Hemiptera, Hymenoptera and other insects - editor J. Gerlach 2013


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