Research Opportunities for Peterhouse Biologists

Peterhouse biology Fellows actively foster our students' research interests, helping them to find laboratory placements and places on field projects. Peterhouse students have been able to take advantage of diverse projects as part of taught courses (e.g. 1B Ecology projects ranging from biodiversity to Darwin's beetles) and summer placements.

Many students use the long summer vacation to develop experience outside of their taught courses, often gaining first-hand experience of research by assisting research projects in Cambridge or elsewhere. Peterhouse has good links to laboratory researchers in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and evolutionary ecology, and suitable placements matching a student's interests can usually be found. For those interested in field biology there are unique opportunities to join research projects working on many different species around the world. Some of these have been set up specifically for Peterhouse students.


Justin Gerlach by e-mail