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key books on biology by Dr. Justin Gerlach

I have a series of books providing very brief summaries of the key aspects of biology. They have been written based on decades of teaching Natural Sciences at Cambridge University. These are aimed at preparing students for university and for supplementing undergraduate biology courses.

  • "Essential Biology" - This is aimed at providing a short overview of essential components needed for starting undergraduate biology. Biology is a highly diverse discipline and the content of school biology courses varies considerably, even in one country. This book covers all the fundamentals and introduces several concepts that are not covered at school but which help make sense of the subject.
  • "Essential Animals" - This book provides a brief introduction to each of the 36 phyla of living animals. It gives a short summary is given of every phylum, aimed at providing the essential information on biodiversity that every zoologist should know. Few university courses extend beyond vertebrates and insects; this fills the gap.
  • "Essential Vertebrates" - This volume is currently in preparation. It is planned as a companion to Essential Animals, focussing on the vertebrates.

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