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Latest additions to the website:

  • Reports from the 2017 Partula expedition uploaded throughout August 2017
  • Partulidae bibliography uploaded (30/5/2016)
  • Partula faba page updated (18/4/2016)
  • Reintroduction of Partula species to Tahiti and new species profiles (18/8/2015)
  • Research needed on invasive predators (10/8/2015)
  • Report on a visit to the Bishop Museum collections (5/8/2015)


    28th February 2017 - "Ten endemic species of Partula reintroduced ontothree of the Society Islands" by T. Coote et al. reports on 2016 reintroductions, published in Tentacle

    24th February 2017 - Partulid EEP meeting plans 2017 conservation actions for French Polynesian Partula. For the first time an active decision is taken to stop working on one species: P. hyalina has several populations on Tahiti and strong introduced populations in the Australs and Cooks. Conservation will concentrate on the more threatened species.

    September to November 2016 - several reintroductions of Partula to French Polynesia: on Tahiti P. affinis, P. nodosa, P. hyalina; on Moorea P. mooreana, P. suturalis, P. taeniata, P. tohiveana; on Raiatea P. navigatoria, P. hebe, P. garrettii

    19th September 2016 - "Icons of Evoltuion - tree snails of the family Partulidae" published, including new species descriptions

    1st September 2016 - new genus and species described - Sphendone insolita by John Slapcinsky and Fred Kraus

    21st February 2016 - the last Partula faba dies; another species extinct

    January 2016 - News of Partula research and captive breeding published in Tentacle 24

    September 2015 - Just one Partula faba surviving

    July 2015 - Reintroduction of Partula species to Tahiti

    February 2015 - News of Partula research and captive breeding published in Tentacle 23

    August 2014 - publication of "Snailing round the South Seas - the Partula story" - an account of the history of Partulaand the people involved with the snails, from the 18th century explorers and adventurers to the conservationists of the present day

    July 2014 - Partula faba down to 11 individuals

    May 2014: Euglandina rosea established in Madagascar - introduced decades ago but not reported subsequently. However, it is established in one location where it was collected in 1996 and since 2009. It remains rare in the area though.

    The most precarious Partula

  • Partula taeniata simulans
  • Partula suturalis strigosa
  • Partula suturalis vexillum
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